DevChallenge #2

Multy VS Construction Workers. Part 2 Multy starts its 2018 with fresh ideas and strength to make all plans for alpha version release come true. That is why we are going to continue our series of Challenge posts “Multy developers VS […]


World! We have already mentioned several times that Multy will be an elegant solution to various drawbacks of existing cryptocurrency wallets. But developers did something genius – they implemented blockchain ideology in Multy.

DevChallenge: Multy VS Construction Workers!

Multy: mobile development = house development? The first day we’ve moved to our new office, we discovered that there is a construction site right next to it. — What if developing software project is pretty similar to what workers do […]

Hot Or Cold?

Hello world! It’s +2°С outside in Minsk and it seems like it is 44th November today. In the light of the recent news about fake crypto-wallets on Google Play Market and App Store (not only fraudulent ones but also requiring […]

Crypto Review by Multy!

Hello world! Every day we have to analyze a great amount of information. Today we would like to provide you with some facts and figures about crypto-world! Some crypto-statistics: — The number of unique wallets has grown from 2.6 million […]

Multy is coming!

World, we say hello! We promised to present you alpha-version of Multy by 1st December but … we missed our deadlines. We have a very ambitious mission which we will never give up. We want to create an ideal (as […]

Killer Feature 3. High assets safety

Problem We had carried out a great market investigation and conducted a comprehensive analysis before we started Multy’s development. We noticed a number of significant drawbacks in our competitors: complaints about dishonest developers, theft of cryptocurrency, inability to use wallet […]

Killer Feature 2. We Are Different

There are about 100 crypto wallets on mobile markets nowadays. Do you know why this figure keeps increasing? Because no one still hasn’t created one universal, safe, and usable wallet. But we will change this situation 🙂 Because We are […]

Pre-seed Round Closed!

October was a special month for Multy because we received 40 BTC from cyber•Fund! Well, one can’t buy a luxury villa on them, so these money will be invested in Multy’s development, of course 🙂 It is great that now we don’t have […]