Killer Feature 2. We Are Different

There are about 100 crypto wallets on mobile markets nowadays. Do you know why this figure keeps increasing? Because no one still hasn’t created one universal, safe, and usable wallet.

But we will change this situation 🙂

Because We are different. Let us explain why.

Problem 1 – Too many registration steps, safe passwords are hard to remember, moreover you have to keep somewhere several passwords – for every wallet; private keys are stored by developers, but how can you trust people you don’t know?

“Terrible app and lack of transparency doesn’t ensure trust between app and user.” (say users about Freewallet: bitcoin, ether, monero)

Solution 1 – – is an open source multi crytocurrency wallet with a single seed-phrase to all your addresses from all your devices. This concept is called  “Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet” and described in Bitcoin Improvements Proposals 32, 39, 44.

Problem 2 – Fear of scam, personal data theft, locked access to the wallet

“I would not feel safe keeping anything in this wallet until better security is implemented” (about Eidoo)

Solution 2 – We developed a self-generated key to encrypt data in the local storage: each key is unique to each device, each key is generated right at the moment it is needed, it belongs to the user, not developers. It is impossible to get absolutely equal keys on two devices.

Problem 3 – Interface and navigation are not convenient, it will be a real problem to understand wallet’s structure and functionality if you are a newcomer in a blockchain community

Solution 3 – We are working on the nicest intuitive UI for the blockchain community’s wishes because we take into consideration all the bitter previous experience of using other wallets. In order to maximize UI performance we chose Realm database (our choice is based on the team’s investigation of databases’ productivity on IOS and Adroid) And for maximum performance UI chose the database Realm after the study for IOS and Android.

Join us!