Multy is coming!

World, we say hello!

We promised to present you alpha-version of Multy by 1st December but … we missed our deadlines.

We have a very ambitious mission which we will never give up. We want to create an ideal (as ideal as it only can be) multi cryptocurrency wallet.

Now we are concentrated on providing the highest possible safety of our Multy. Safety feature we are now working at is a special key which will encrypt all personal data in the local storage (this Master Key was described in the previous article). What is this key all about? It is bound to a concrete(!) device (mobile, tablet) at which it has been generated right at the moment of application’s installation.

So what?

Personal data (portfolio, transaction histories and so on) will never be used or stolen from another device, it means that all personal data belongs only to wallet’s user.

As this technology is our own invention  (generated and described by our CEO Vadim Makovsky), it requires extra detailed quality assessment. Multy will be ready to see the world as soon as we have a 99,9% proof of this concept’s safety.

We screwed up with alpha-release deadlines but we will not screw up with safe keeping of your assets. The world never stops, new technologies appear every day, but our team promises to keep up to dated and provide you with useful practical technologies and ideas.

Our super-wallet will be as safe for crypto-currency enthusiasts as driving Lexus on the road.

Sincerely yours,
Multy team.