We have already mentioned several times that Multy will be an elegant solution to various drawbacks of existing cryptocurrency wallets. But developers did something genius – they implemented blockchain ideology in Multy.

 To cut a long story short:

  • blockchain is a decentralized network (without a server);
  • everybody can see data contained in blocks;
  • information is recorded at all nodes at once, so no one has any right to change of falsifying it.

It means that the main purpose of blockchain technology is to eliminate any kind of 3-rd party control and get rid of intermediaries. Do not trust anybody.

 How does this idea work for Multy?


It is a guarantee that we are not scammers: our product is real, our team does exist, work and develop Multy for the community. Anybody interested in reliable security solutions (they are more than needed if you deal with crypto-assets) can find our code on GitHub. In the light of the recent news about fake wallets stealing users’ money, our safety concepts become even more actual.

One more nice thing about open-source is the ability to build your own application using our code!

Control over crypto-assets

You have your seed-phrase, and, consequently all private keys. And this keychain is stored in your pocket, not a common hall. All private keys for your addresses are stored on your device, not on an application’s server, so developers do not have any access to them. It excludes any possibility of adversaries’ actions through our server.

We eliminated intermediaries between crypto-owners and their crypto-assets. YOU are the only OWNER of your private keys, only YOU have ACCESS to your wallets, so only YOU can make any OPERATIONS or arrangements about your cryptocurrency. Do not trust anybody.

Your device is yours

Not only we encourage you not to trust anybody but also we do not trust too “open and accessible” operating systems on your device. When we launch Multy we check whether your device has been rooted, if so we delete all your data permanently with no chance to restore it on this device.

All our security solutions are elegant and accurate because we care about you.

Take care of yourselves and your crypto-assets.
Sincerely, Multy.