DevChallenge #2

Multy VS Construction Workers. Part 2

Multy starts its 2018 with fresh ideas and strength to make all plans for alpha version release come true. That is why we are going to continue our series of Challenge posts Multy developers VS Construction Workers”.

We missed a very interesting point in the previous post. We didn’t mention conditions of the Challenge. So. If construction workers are faster in reaching the final goal our CEO Vadim Makovsky will present them a box of some good brandy. Nice, isn’t it? But they don’t know about it 🙂 And developers will receive:

Good results of effective and productive work is the best reward for true professionals @Vadim Makovsky

The 4th step is construction itself

It is 18th, January today, and what do we see? Our rivals have already built foundation and even did some basic things about the first floor. Hmm, but Multy still hasn’t prepared its basis – alpha-version. Well.

It’s 0:1.

Construction workers are taking the lead over Multy.

To be honest, it’s our secret plan, not more. Counter-attack is coming very-very soon…