Single seed-phrase

Only one single seed-phrase will give you access to all your wallets at any time (no 100500 keys any more).

Assets Protection

We check if your device has been rooted, if so, we do not decrypt local storage but delete it permanently (you can restore it with your seed-phrase from another device).

Data Protection

Our self-generating Master Key encrypts data in the local storage, it is unique to each device and belongs to users (we do NOT synchronize, get, share user’s private keys).

Native mobile development

Fastest, finest UI for your application.

Control of transaction cost

An opportunity to settle first the final recipient's transaction sum, then calculate donats, commissions and costs.

Multi-cryptocurrency cross-platform wallet

BTC and ETH support, later you will be able to embed other blockchains on your own and use wallet from mobile, desktop, watch.


Hackathon winners
We won the first ever in Belarus Imaguru Blockchain Hackathon
Pre-seed round closed
Received 40 BTC from cyber•Fund for Multy’s development
Is now 99% ready for the release with BTC and ETH support.

Our Team

Vadim Makovsky

IT-entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in business development and 5 years - in mobile development. Initiated several successful startups, graduated from belarussian startup accelerator TechMinsk, participated in Imaguru Blockchain School, blockchain enthusiast and cryptoinvestor.

Alexey Baev

International law specialist (Russian State Social University) with a 10 years experience in coordinating the work of IT teams from 5 to 20 people. HR-manager: recruiting, adaptation, team-building, branding.

Vasily Nemkov

CTO, Lead Core Developer
C\C++ code monkey Developing the core of Multy.io and helping mobile teams to integrate it. C\C++, Python, Linux and whatnot. Cross-platform development. Over 12 years of real-world software enginnering experience.

Alexandr Prokopchuk

Lead iOS Developer
His skills include knowledge of basic frameworks of iOS SDK, OOP, CocoaPods, Realm, Alamofire, Socket.io, GA, Firebase. Alexander holds a PhD degree in Mathematics (Algebra and Number Theory) from Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and has solid background in cryptography.

Andrew Moroz

Lead Android Developer
Over 5 years experience developing for android. Strong knowledge of android sdk. Has worked with almost all android compontents. Material design UI entusiast. Skilled in socket.io, Augment Reality, Shaders, Animations, Databases, game engines, developing app architecture and so on.

Alexey Lyakh

QA Engineer
Has degrees in economic law and engineering. Is proud to be junior Android developer but is sure that QA is his passion. Has been assessing applications' quality for 5 years already. Has solid experience in IT sphere as developer, QA specialist and lawyer as well.

Ivan Apet

iOS Developer
Started IT career by means of IT courses, where he studied a great number of languages: from Delphi to PHP, C/C++, C#, CSS, HTML. But all of these didn't suit perfectly well. So Vanya decided to try something new. His story began with Swift 2, then Objective-C, Swift 3. Now he is an experienced developer with a solid background and broad interests.

Igor Paliaschuk

Android Developer
- Android application development - Java, Android, RxJava, Kotlin, two years of commercial development: TestSharing, Socialflow apps.

Evgeny Sinitsky

Android Developer
Has a 1,5-years experience in Java development. Skilled in working with bluetooth-devices, gps, camera, Internet. Worked on the projects dedicated to time convertation, experienced in pictures processing and getting photos from android-photocamera, getting infromation from gps-navigator for transfering it via bluetooth.

Pavel Klybik

C++ Developer
Has been coding since 13 years old and now is an experienced Mid C++ developer in Multy Core Developers' team. Skills: C++, Python, Git Android. Olympiad programming, life-long learning, complex tasks resolving, developers' conferences and meetups are all his actual spheres of interest.

Evgeny Boltenko

Go developer
Has been interested in programming and administration since 11 years old. Recently has been mainly concentrating on learning and developing distributed systems. Interested in related algorithms and technologies. Programming languages: Go, Java, C/C++, Javascript Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgeSQL DevOps: Docker, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Service

Gleb Plotnikov

UI/UX Designer
Has more than 10-years experience in design, developed about 500 projects already, design for him is much more than just "a job", it is his passion, infatuation and fascination. Says he is master in random Photoshop Layers.

Kristina Kovalevskaya

Lead Golang Developer
The only lady in developers' team. Strong Backend developer. Languages: Golang, C, C++, Python, Bash.

Maria Stepanchenko

Copywriter, Content-manager
Began writing since the very moment she took a pen in her hands. Has been developing her skills in copywriting and rewriting for about 2 years already. Highly interested in neuro-copywriting. Has bachelor's degree in Economics.

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