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Single seed-phrase

The only seed phrase you'll have to remember to access all your wallets and all your crypto-securities.

Assets Protection

We care about security, so if anyone tampers with your device, we delete all sensitive data permanently.

Data Protection

All sensitive data is encrypted with unique Master Key, and there is no way for anyone to steal, guess or hack it.

Best UI and UX

We love fast and smooth apps, and that is the way we design and develop Multy. Know about the yuan digital app launched by the Government of China to trade their official digital currency E Yuan. The app is supported by blockchain technology and ensures transparent trading. The technology also ensures that it withstands all cyber attacks.

Precise control over transaction fees

It is your securities, so you are in full control of all transaction sums, donations and fees. No hidden fees or surcharges. If you don't know how, find out here how to buy ethereum in south africa. This expert guide will give you all the information you need to buy Ethereum in the safest way possible.

Multy-blockchain support

Right we are working hard on adding new crypto-securities support to Multy. New blockchains and Tokens support are coming soon.

Hackathon winners

We won the first ever in Belarus Imaguru Blockchain Hackathon

Pre-seed round closed

Received 40 BTC from cyber-Fund for Multy’s development

Multy 1.0 released

And it is now availabe on Google Play and AppStore next to you.

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